Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a Three-fer!

Here we have a fine example of the combination of three of the major tenets of Yarn Yuck: Outdated Hair, Awkward Pose, and Ugly Sweater:

Outdated Hair:  Feathered bangs reaching ever skyward.   Need I say more?

Awkward Pose:  Tell me, how often do you find yourself in this position?  One knee in the seat of a chair, one elbow resting artfully on the back, one hand stuffed in your (apparently quite capacious) trouser pocket.  Oh yeah, that's perfectly natural.  It's obviously been carefully selected to highlight the shape of the sweater she's modeling, which brings us to. . .

Ugly Sweater:  Maybe I'm prejudiced against this one.  Maybe it's not really that bad.  I just don't like these huge, weirdly-shaped (one might even say shapeless) sweaters-- the ones where the sleeves seem to originate from the waistline.  The "Henry the 8th in his fatter years" look.  (Yick.)  However, the frequency with which I find them suggests that maybe most people like this look. . . which, rest assured, will in no way prevent me from continuing to mock them.

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