Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What the. . .?

Yes, it's back-- the dreaded "What the. . . ?" category, reserved for only the most bizarre and/or heinous acts of knit and crochet (and possibly occasionally other yarn-related craftiness).  You never know when it will strike! 

Today, I offer up for your amusement befuddlement horror. . . CROCHET MULES:

Now, the crochet mules are embarrassing enough on their own. . .  (What is with those ballet-style laces on the middle pair?) 

. . . And the exceedingly bare (and in one case, hairy) legs take it to a whole 'nother level of ohmygosh. 

But then (if you're like me) you take a closer look at the. . . um, positioning (if you will) of the three pairs of legs. . . combined with their bareness. . . and you either shudder or burst into snorts of laugher.  Or both, either simultaneously or in rapid succession. 

Yes, you might have gone your entire life without ever picturing three people doing scandalous things while wearing (possibly nothing but) crochet mules, but thanks to me, that crisis has been averted. 

You are welcome.

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