About Yarn Yuck

The idea to start Yarn Yuck first came to me as I paged through some vintage crochet magazines one of my aunts kindly gave me.  Some of the patterns had stood the test of time, others. . . no, not really.  In fact, a few of them were hilariously bad.

Of course, by that time, I had already seen blogs based on "snarking" at various things-- cakes, celebrity fashion-- even knit and crochet.   I thought I'd just put these new-found funnies up on my (already existing) sewing / crochet / craft blog.  Just a funny post here and there amongst the normal ones about my latest craft projects. 

However, once the idea to blog about these things occurred to me, I started seeing them everywhere.  It became clear that they deserved a blog of their own-- some place where I, too, could snark to my heart's content.  Maybe it wasn't a totally original idea, but then again, some say there are no original ideas.  (Or maybe that's just what unoriginal people tell themselves to feel better about their lack of originality. . .)

I blog about anything that tickles my funny bone, whether it's a ridiculous-looking garment, a bizarre background in a photo-shoot, or an awkwardly posed model.  Sometimes the joke is nothing more than "Oh my gosh, look how out-dated that is!", knowing full well that back in the day, that wacky hairdo or downright ugly sweater might have been the envy of everyone who saw it.  While my main focus here is yarn craft-- mainly knit and crochet-- that doesn't mean I won't occasionally dally in other crafts and even vintage ads, photos, etc. that have nothing to do with crafts at all. 

Finally, Yarn Yuck is meant in good fun, so please try not to take it too seriously.  If you love something I've poked fun at, I hope you'll go on loving it and crafting it to your heart's content.  (After all, what do I know?  I like afghans and doilies.  Yeah, I know.  So un-cool.)