Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Meet the Love Trapezoid Gang:

Maybe it's just because I'm a cold, distant person whose life is devoid of almost all human contact... but the degree of touching and exchanged glances in this photo strikes me as somewhat excessive.  Who's with whom?  Do you go with the locked eyes?  Or do you base it on who's touching whom?  (Well, considering that almost everyone is touching everyone else, that could be tricky...)

Seriously, I think you could write a very interesting (and trashy) novel based on the tangled relationships represented in this single image.  (Send me a copy if you do, please.)


  1. maybe he just has leanings to be a polygamist???

  2. I think ladyhawthorne has hit the nail on the head. The chick on the left is yet to be convinced to join his harem, see, she's not wearing the uniform green yet, like the other two. But they're planning their own secret tryst, look at their eye contact, you can see what they're thinking, if he gets this little hottie on board then you and I can have a fling of our own . . . .

  3. That was my first thought.... Big Love!

  4. Is it shallow to only have friends who wear colors that coordinate with yours? Thanks to Twitter and smart phones, it's easier than ever to get the gang dressed in the color of the day.