Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week of Clown Horror, Day 3

The pox-ridden sunshine looks frightened...  So does the... (what is that thing?)... er, the blue disc with legs...

What could have them so wide-eyed with fear?

It's a freakishly long-legged, long-armed clown!!
(Yes, I know.  A clown.  On Day 3 of our Week of Clown Horror.  Who would've thunk it, right?)

Ever since I saw parts of Poltergeist as a child, I've associated long-armed clowns with horror-- as is only logical, even if you haven't seen Poltergeist.  Well, really, what else are those long arms (and/or legs) for, if not strangling? 

(The red-haired sun and... Little Miss Blue-Dot probably have nothing to fear, though, as neither of them have a neck to strangle.)

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