Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Better to EAT You With, My Dear!

"Ok, Sweetie.  Night-night time!  You've had your bedtime story and said your prayers... Now, which of your plush animal toys would you like to sleep with tonight?  Maybe Mr. Theodore Teddikins?  ...No?  Ok... How about Little Meow-Meow?  ...Oh!  I know!  Here, baby, cuddle up with Ravenous Wolf!"

Send your child happily off to beddy-bye dreamland in the company of the Big Bad Wolf!  He or she will have hours of fun staring, transfixed, at his gaping maw, yellow eyes (complete with vertical pupils!), and pointy white teeth! 

Show your favorite little one how much you care with a crocheted Fairytale Monster Wolf-- TODAY!

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