Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alien Life-Form

Remember ALF?  (C'mon, sure you do, right?  Though maybe you haven't thought about him for, oh, twenty years or so.)

I know you'll be as excited as I am to learn that there are patterns out there that enable you to crochet your very own ALF toy!

 Or you can knit him, if you prefer:

If someone unfamiliar with that old TV program saw one of those (especially the knit one), what would they think it was meant to be?  A demonic anteater, perhaps?

Well, I'll leave you now.  It's probably going to take you a while to hunt down one of those patterns, so you should get right on that...


  1. oh yay! i found Alf (who will soon grace my desk)!!

  2. helo can u show me the pattern? please n.n

  3. i would love the crochet pattern, for a friend of course

  4. are you sharing the pattern of alf