Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Out of the Stone Age!"

You may remember a post from a few days ago-- one featuring a magazine cover with an article about "The Paleolithic Era"?  Well, a few decades back, they were interested in just the opposite:  "BRING CROCHET OUT OF THE STONE AGE!"

What constituted the Stone Age of Crochet?  Why did they hate it so?  How did they propose to take those first tentative steps into the Bronze Age?  We may never know (unless you can find a copy of this newsletter and read all about it for yourself). 

One can only hope that the thing that woman is wearing is a costume.  (Otherwise, we may have found the answer to our question about why the Crochet Stone Age was so despised. . .)

This cavewoman has assembled quite a treasure trove of crochet goods, there:
  • Doilies, pot holders, placemats/rugs, pillows, and tops
  • Retrolicious mushroom patterns
  • Some sort of white stuffed bird (?)
  • Curly-"haired" slippers with built-in claws (??)
  • Two gnome-like creatures (???)
  • Whatever that weird red-haired thing in the lower left corner is. . .
. . . And what is that gray, horseshoe-shaped thing?  A plush toilet seat? (Or maybe a donkey...)

The eye doesn't know where to look!

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