Sunday, December 19, 2010

Will the Real Kris Kringle Please Stand Up?

Santa... Is that you?

No, no, you look good. 
...Well, I guess we'd better be going.  Lots of shopping to do... You know how it is...
Yeah, nice seeing you, too!  We'll have to get together again sometime, you know, after all the holiday rush is over... Yeah... Well, bye!

(I think the strain of the workload might finally be getting to him...)

1 comment:

  1. I really can't figure this one out! What is that line going between his eyes? Perhaps his eyebrows dropped but then his nose looks like my dog's butt. Oh wait, that is not is nose, the little red dot is. Oh my, I am embarrassed for the person who made this.
    Some of the things you have listed are just not my style (maybe not anyone's style) but this one is just down right terrible crocheting!
    Hopefully this was not offered as a free pattern.