Monday, December 13, 2010

When Designers Snap...

Horror can result when members of certain professions suddenly lose their footing in reality.  You wouldn't want to be in an airplane, for instance, when the pilot goes berserk.  An armed policeman who suddenly loses his marbles?  Again, not a good thing.

While the stakes may not be quite as high in the stressful field of fashion design, the yarny carnage can still be stomach-turning:

Can you guess my favorite part of this design?

No, not the row of ribbon bows up the front...

No, not the meshy fabric of the skirt, either...

The sparkly yarn "necklace"?  Nah, that's almost normal by comparison with the rest of this ensemble. 

It's not even the poofy silver sleeves (though they come in a close second).

My very favorite parts are those slits over the front (and back) of the thighs.  Classy.


  1. You really think a designer was responsible here? I think a work experience kid got let loose in the studio and took revenge for having been forced to make cups of tea and do the photocopying all week!

  2. Someone needs to go to Russia and confiscate all the patterns, and replace them with new ones.