Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When you dress children, you can push the envelope a little.  Something that would look odd (if not "woo, that lady's cuckoo") on an adult can be acceptable (possibly even "cute as a button") on a child.

...But if you don't set some type of parameters, you might end up pushing that envelope right off the side of a cliff. 

Allow me to present the Chicken Dress as a case in point:

Now, before you squeal with delight and run off in search of the pattern, ask yourself-- how many occasions in a child's life really call for a Chicken Dress?  (See?  I just saved you a lot of time and trouble.  You're welcome.)


  1. I thought the grungy guy in rags was bad but this poor child is being made to wear something totally hideous and worse, someone must have thought it was cute! Very Scary!

  2. That is just sick... wonder what trauma it inflicted on that poor child.... fear of knitted chicken sandwiches or maybe even feather pillows.