Thursday, November 25, 2010


Whoa!  I'm having Men in Mesh Week flashbacks!

So tell me... what kind of woman is turned on by a dude in a meshy, sleeveless top decorated with a Playboy Bunny?  I guess it's the same kind of woman who likes a dude in those pants and that Playboy Bunny belt buckle...

(Sometimes, I tremble for the fate of the world.  Other times, I just snort in dismay and carry on with my life.)


  1. Yikes! I agree on this one --- 70's flashback with a headache! Are those seersucker pants! OMG

  2. I looked at it twice... simply because I couldn't believe my eyes the first time! Makes me want to scream and run away!!!

  3. Makes we wish I could recall 2 years of Russian in High School. I'd die to know what the text says!

  4. That made me dig out my old Russian dictionary. My Russian skills are spotty at best, but here's a rough translation as far as I can make it out:
    Top: "Fashion Magazine 'Melange'"
    Top left: "With a crochet hook and (something, can't figure it out)"
    Left side: "create a masterpiece from yarn" (ok, it says ball/skein, I assume the yarn is implied)
    Bottom right:"who says men can't (or possibly shouldn't, not sure) wear mesh fabric?"

    I hope someone who actually speaks Russian will be along to tell us if I got it right and what the rest says.
    Man, I just found this blog and I love it already. Brilliant.

  5. Is this what people from Russia think Americans dress like?

  6. I showed this to my exchange student and she says:

    Hey, i'm russian. your translation is good, but on the bottom line it says "Who said, that men can't knit?!"

    are you kidding? men in America don't dress like this?!?!?

  7. Hey, ALL the Russian designs on your site kick a**. They could sure teach us a thing or two *nod nod*.