Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Wuv You Forever

Aww... Isn't this adorable?

Someone-- his girlfriend?  his mommy?  gramma?-- loves our (teenaged? early-twenties?) male model so much that they knit him this sweater with two hearts (on the front and the back!) and the word "forever" in script upon it.

Yes, "forever"...  That's how long his pals at school (or work?  How old is this guy supposed to be?) will mock him, after they see him in this precious sweater. 

It's mostly olive green, but no color-- no matter how manly-- can ever counteract those decorations.  The only way I can see this "working" for your average man is if the hearts were replaced with skulls... ("Forever" takes on a slightly different context under those circumstances, does it not?) And even then, the font would probably need to be butched up a bit.  Pink script just outweighs even skulls, I think.

Well, at least the model seems happy enough in the sweater...  (Or maybe-- just possibly-- he's chuckling to himself over the thought of the poor dope who's going to have to wear that thing for real, out on the mean streets of the world...)

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