Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Wheee! I'm Wearing Crochet Pants!"

The model in this photo looks so ecstatic-- so full of joie de vivre

. . . Which is amazing, given what she's wearing:

The crocheted tunic (with pineapple lace insets!) I might be persuaded to understand.  It's not my favorite style, but to each her own.  Over a pair of nice jeans or a pretty skirt-- yes, that could look alright.  However, I have less sympathy when it's worn with matching crocheted bell-bottoms (and platform shoes, no less).  And it's all white.  Somehow, white crocheted pants seem worse than almost any other color. . . (Not sure why, though.)

So, considering the whole ensemble, we can safely assume that Ms. Model's evident exuberence is the result of consuming a little too much rum on her Carribbean vaca. 

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  1. You have provided hours of entertainment for those of us in the knitting and crocheting industry that aren't allowed to point out the ridiculousness of some of our patterns. Gold star!