Friday, June 18, 2010

"Crocheted Rag Vest"

When you find yourself designing, making, or (heaven forbid) wearing something with the word "rag" in its name, it's really time to stop and reconsider for a moment, don't you think?*

I mean. . . It's a rag.  Rags are generally considered to be past the wearing stage.  That's what makes them rags.  They're clothing and other fabric goods that have done their Duty, fulfilled their purpose in life, and gone on to their reward-- the rag bag, where they wait in peaceful mustiness for whatever lies Beyond.  Digging them out again-- reincarnating them into new clothes-- it's just wrong, like desecrating a cemetery. . . or something.

Ok, ok, so perhaps this vest wasn't made from actual rags.  It still looks awfully raggedy.

I only caught glimpses of the Beauty and the Beast TV series from the late 80s, but this is the type of thing I seem to recall the tunnel dwellers wearing.  Even though Tunnelopolis (Tunnelville?  Tunnelton?  Aw, whatever...) was supposed to be a utopian society in the series, I don't really want to look like someone who lives in a subterranean community hidden somewhere beneath NYC.  But that's just me.

*Obviously, this does not apply to rag quilts, which are indisputably charming.

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