Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wear Something Underneath!

As promised, here's one of many (many) to come-- a photo in the category of Wear Something Underneath:

As you can see, this one had the decency to wear something under her very open crochet dress, but in this case, Something is precious little.

"Um, excuse me, miss, but your bra strap is showing. . . Er, actually, the entire bra is showing. . . and . . actually, I can see your panties as well."

You'd almost think (especially if you saw only the right half of the photo) that this might be just a fancy lace slip-- you know, the kind women used to wear under dresses.  (Some still do, I'm sure, but I don't think it's as common as it was when I was younger-- oh, twenty years ago or so.)  But judging by the left half-- and the little matching bolero jacket-- I'd say this is meant to be worn "as is".


Does anyone actually wear things like this without something more concrete underneath?  Technically, I guess you don't see more than you do when someone wears a bikini, but it just feels so much more scandalous-- and there are different expectations at a beach than out and about town or in a shop (or wherever else you're supposed to wear this thing).

(Go ahead.  Call me a puritanical American.  I can take it.)

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