Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sweater Plague

My husband walked past while I had this photo open and made this observation:

"That sweater looks like it has a skin condition."

That was exactly what I was thinking.  Some horrible, possibly as-yet-unknown disease that causes huge pustule-ish things to pop up all over the place.  Either that, or it's being colonized by barnacles.

One has to wonder how anyone ever thought this was a good idea.  Or, okay, maybe we give them a pass on that, because sometimes things that look good in our minds just don't turn out as well as we'd hoped-- but in that case, why didn't they have an "I made a huge mistake" moment, rip out the stitches (or burn the whole darn thing, just to be on the safe side), and never tell a soul about it?  Why go through with it, to the point of publication?  And why work it up in this fleshy pink, of all colors?  The human organism is a mysterious, often incomprehensible thing, is it not?

Oh, and BONUS-- Did you spy those (matching) knitted shorts?

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