Friday, May 14, 2010

Pardon Me, Madam!

I don't want to be cruel-- really I don't. . . but. . .

Is that a woman or a man in the yellow and orange monstrosity (in the back. . . . like anyone could possibly miss it. . .)?  If it's a man, why?  For humor's sake?  To be avant-garde?  Because they just couldn't rustle up another model of the female persuasion? 

Why is his/her hair lavender, and whatever could have induced him/her to agree to model that awful dress?

I shouldn't focus all my joking on poor Yellow-and-Orange, though, because the whole thing is rather bizarre.  Why are the models surrounded by, sitting and standing on wrapped gifts?  Why are they not wearing shoes?  (The better to show off their brilliantly colored stockings?)

It's all so mystifying!

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