Friday, April 29, 2011

Spoiled for Topics

Oh, gosh.
This is another of those "where to start" situations.  That is one seriously crazy dress!

How do I mock thee, dress?  Let me count the ways!
  1. The openwork skirt.  Look closely; you can see her thighs through the holey fabric.  (I, for one, prefer not to put my underwear on display, but I'm kind of old-fashioned like that...)
  2. The big holes in the bodice.  (Why are they there?)
  3. The HUGE hole in the back of the dress.  (And the odd strands connecting the top to the skirt.)
  4. The ugly yarn.  (Yes, I'm being judgmental of the yarn.  I just don't like it.)
  5. The row of fringe (?) about halfway down each sleeve.
  6. The spiral fringe at the neckline.  (On top of everything else, it's just too much.)
But hey, apart from that, it's actually not too bad for a knitted/crocheted dress.  I like the length of the sleeves and skirt, the ruffles at the sleeves... the fit... It we could just address the items on my mocking list...

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