Sunday, March 27, 2011

Doily Fashion

Ooh, boy, you're in for a treat today!
We have a doily shirt!!!
...With Irish crochet roses!!!
...And someone who was willing to model it with her bra showing underneath, clear as day...

There is also a model in what appears to be a doily-based slip and/or nighty... only she's modeling it in a pair of red high heels and in full jewelry... So maybe we are meant to understand that this is what she's wearing as she prepares to leave the house... But that's impossible, so I refuse to believe it.  No, she's just all dressed up for the boudoir.  Yep.  That must be it. 


  1. Those are bad, if I was a model and saw that was what I had to wear I would run the other way XD

  2. I had a top like that once. In all the time I layered it, I had no idea I was doing it rong. I blame the church.