Saturday, March 5, 2011

All Tied Up

Beyond the obvious kookiness of this outfit (the skirt in particular, obviously), my favorite thing about this layout is the way it shows just about every possible way you can wear it:

With "ribbons" in place, tied. 
With "ribbons" in place, not tied.
With "ribbons" out, wrapped around your waist like a belt.
With "ribbons" nowhere in sight. (Where ARE they? I must know!)
But who in her right mind would ever wear that thing with the "ribbons" out?

Oops, no, I meant to type, "Who in her right mind would ever wear that thing?"-- period.


  1. The word "tragedy" comes to mind.

  2. And I felt sorry for Miss Doily Pants. All that work and no place to wear it.

  3. Horrible was the word that came to my mind....