Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Look What a Can Can Be"

"Look what a can can be:  Mother Christmas":

Pretty nifty, huh?   (And the resemblance to Mother Christmas is uncanny.)

"Filled with candy, etc, these make great little 'keepsake gifts'"...

..."Mrs. Kringle (Over Pringles!)"
(Oh-ho!  We have another poet who didn't know-it!)

Well, snap to it, all of you! 
There are still a couple more days of crafting time before the Big Day!  Whip out those hooks, start scarfing down tubes of Pringles, and work up some great little "keepsake gifts"!  Right NOW!

P.S. It just struck me that maybe what "Mother Christmas" is holding is meant to be a crochet hook and a crochet project... Before, I just assumed it was supposed to be a candy cane and a poorly-made stocking.  (That would explain the loose thread, at least.)

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! This one is almost as bad as the Santa's face. Makes me feel like a "crochet expert." Guess it is like they say though; "everything is relative." So I still might not be so great. lol