Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rib Ticklers

You know, crochet motifs are pretty versatile.  They come in so many variations, and they're usually so bright and colorful.  They are extremely accessible-- even to beginners-- and they can be created relatively quickly and combined to make almost anything.

...Even "Rib Ticklers".

Note that I said they can be used to make Rib Ticklers-- not that they should.  (But apparently they are unisex-- so convenient!-- and put men into a nuzzling frame of mind.  So they're not all bad.)


  1. WHOA!!! Major flashback...I made this vest in high school almost 40 years ago! AND....I Still have the pattern in a box somewhere...have no idea why I ever saved it!

  2. I had a vest similar to the one second from the left back in the 70's.

  3. I had these patterns in the '70s, and wanted to make them all!! Unfortunately I lived in Hawaii and such garments would have been way too hot to wear!

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