Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This outfit has a very special feature:  built-in identity protection!

So you're out on the town in this get-up when-- oh no!-- you spot someone you know!  Suddenly you realize that you can't bear to be caught dead (or alive) in this-- this thing!  There's nowhere to hide, no time to run.  Whaddyado?? 

Simple!  Just slip the handy built-in identity protection up over your face and your own mother could pass you in the street and never guess that a daughter of hers could have such poor fashion sense.  Fantastic!

Seriously, though: 

A. What is that thing?  Look at it in the smaller inset photo.  See the bunch of fabric hanging down the front?  See the huge hole in it?  I don't even know what this type of garment is called... Some type of cowl/head-covering with a turtleneck collar?

B. If it's cold enough that you need a whatever-it-is to keep your neck and head warm, why are you wearing a short-sleeved, high-hemmed dress to begin with?  It's just poor planning.


  1. in "B" - ....short sleeved, high- hemmed V NECK with a turtle neck...

    Loving your blog.

  2. HEY!! I had me one of those dresses back in 1986. It was really trendy.