Monday, September 27, 2010


If you liked the crochet needle necklace featured on Yarn Yuck last month, but want something a little more understated, these earrings are for you:

Ooh.  Aah. 
See, they use metal needles.  So much classier than those brightly colored plastic ones!  Now, these would be perfect for your wedding day or a night at that fancy-schmancy French restaurant.

I still think these needle-based jewelry projects just stink of desperation. 

"We already offer eleventy-billion free patterns for scarves, hats, and every conceivable use for eyelash yarn... What else can we entice people make with our products?"

"Well, Bob, I've always thought that our darning needles sales were deplorably low.  If we could just think of some way to get people to buy more of those..."

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