Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Suspense is Killing Me!

These models in the matching crochet vests look awfully concerned, don't they?

While the vests probably aren't the very most beautiful pieces of hook-work I've ever seen, I still don't think they need to be quite this paranoid about being seen in them. . .

It's almost as through they know there's a raving maniac lurking somewhere in the vicinity.  They've got to keep their cool for the photo shoot, because times are tough and they need the money, but they're gonna keeps their eyes peeled and be prepared to make a run for it at the first sign of trouble.

. . . Or maybe they're like a version of "Charlie's Angels", but their "Charlie" requires they wear matching crocheted vests.  A uniform of sorts.  And we just happened to find them at a very tense moment. . . Debra has been taken hostage, so Sandy and Margot have agreed to meet her captors in the park. . . Darn their matching pink crocheted vests!  They stick out like sore thumbs in these things!

. . .Yeah, well, that's all I've got.  Take your pick.

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