Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sad Birthday

Sometimes you have to wonder what led to certain sets and props in a fashion photo shoot.  Were they trying to tell a story?  Or did they just throw together whatever the heck they could lay hands on at the last minute?

Like the photo below. . .  It strikes me as either (A) a random mishmash of imagery or (B) a very sad birthday scene:

Dominique smiled painfully through the welling tears as he clutched the phone, savoring the last few seconds of the call.  At least he'd had the sound of her voice-- her sweet, sweet voice.  He swore in his heart that next year he would be with her, no longer held captive in this dilapedated (not to mention rather depressing) perch above the rocky shoreline, like some tragic Tweety Bird in a cabled sweater and slacks.   Happy birthday to me, he thought grimly before blowing out the candles. . .

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