Thursday, June 17, 2010

In an Ideal (1960s) World

This is probably only funny to me. . .

I mean, I'm fairly sure that some people somewhere actually do this-- set up chairs and a table of drinks out in a foot or so of water. . .

. . . but it still strikes me as funny.  Out of all the possible settings and poses available to them, they chose this for the cover of their booklet.  (Yep.  Sure makes me want to knit.)

"Oh, Honey, won't you go out and tell Bobby not to splash around so much?  I don't want him getting water in his ears again.  I would go myself, but well, you're the Man.  Besides, I don't want to ruin my dress in all this icky wetness. . ."

"Sure thing, Sweetie.  Just let me finish my cigarette first.  (That's right, folks, it's the 1960s and there are few things I enjoy more than a nice, guilt-free smoke.)"

"Thanks, Darling.  By the way, are those bottles of Coca-Cola-- the Real Thing-- ice-cold yet?"

"Almost, Sugar-Bear.  Almost."

1 comment:

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