Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Fur Trim

Now I know what (not) to do with all that novelty yarn I bought on extreme clearance (before I learned that it's not nearly as useful and versatile as plain old regular yarn):

Well, at least it's original.   You have to give the designer that much credit, right?

On the other hand, what in the heck was s/he thinking??  This thing is all over the place.  There are two different styles of crochet lace. . . sleeves that are half muppet pelt, half lace wristlets/cuffs. . . a bizarre lace-up bodice with ruffles on either side of the lace-up gap. . . and then even more fun fur trim-- and all in colors that I would've loved as an eight-year-old, but probably not much later in life than that.

Also, you gotta love how they have the same piece modeled twice by two different models.   Perhaps it's to show you how the top looks on a brunette and a brunette with blond highlights?

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