Sunday, April 18, 2010

Once Upon a Photo-Shoot. . .

Once upon a fashion-knitwear photo-shoot, there was a very bored model. . .

"Woe is me, for I am teh bored. . ."

"I even look skyward in my ultra-extreme boredom, because this emphasizes the degree of my boredness (as well as showing off my long, elegant neck)."


"It is so boring being a beautiful modeler of fashion-knitwear. . .  (By the way, what is with these oversized sleeves?  So ugly!  I just don't get designers, sometimes. . .)"

*weary stumble*

"Excuse me while I lean against this stone wall.  My extraordinary level of boredom has left me weak. . ."


". . . I must rest. . . (Modeling is such hard work. . .)"


And so the fashion-knitwear model drifted into a deep and dreamless slumber (and no she did not snore and whoever says she did is a foul liar and should be made to wear acrylic granny-square sweaterdresses for the rest of her miserable life-- As if!). . .

She slept in untroubled peace until the photographer (or was it the art director?) trod upon a twig, snapped it, and woke her.

Grumpy after her interrupted nap, the model was fussy for the rest of the afternoon, and the remainder of the photos from the shoot showed it. . .

This is her "you're starting to get on my nerves" expression:

. . .Followed by the "you really don't want to mess with me today" look:

But I think my favorite might be this one, the "That's it!  I've had it!  I will now strangle you with your camera strap":

(Seriously, though-- that model does look incredibly bored or ticked off in many of her photos in this magazine.  It was enough to catch my attention, at least.  Some very pretty knitting in many of the photos, though!)

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