Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just for the Fun Fur of It

In case you were wondering what to do with all that Fun Fur and other novelty yarn in your stash*, here are a few ideas. . .

Knit yourself a cozy faux fur "mink" jacket:

Whether you go for the classic brown or the more unusual tawny-foxy-russet, you're sure to turn heads!  (Just don't wander into the forest during bear-hunting season, ok?)

Go sleeveless for the warmer seasons!

If your stash isn't substantial enough for a coat or a vest, you can always make one of these charming hats:

(Is it just me, or does that last model look like she wants to cause the photographer bodily harm?  Who could blame her, though.  She looks atrocious in that hat.)

Try a Fun Fur cowl!

. . . Or Fun Fur earmuffs and. . . whatever those furry blobs on her hands are meant to be. . .

Keep your calves toasty with Fun Fur legwarmers!  (BONUS:  They look like furry Ugg Boots!)

If you don't like the natural color of your dog's fur (but don't want the hassle and expense of taking him to the hairdresser to have his coat dyed), nothing's simpler than whipping up a doggy body-toupee: 

And when you're done and you're left with small remnants of yarn?

I suggest you craft a bunch of these "Dust Bunnies"  (seriously, that's the name of the pattern) and sneak them into the homes of friends and family.  Won't they be surprised!

Of course, you could also just make a bunch of earrings with your leftovers. . .

Whatever you do with your stash of eyelash, don't forget that just because it's Fun Fur doesn't mean it can't be sexy. . . (Animal magnetism, etc., etc.  ...Though I will say that the model is very trim, and you need to be, to wear that outfit.)

You know, I feel like this is a hollow victory.  It's really not fair to mock Fun Fur, because it's altogether too easy to do.  Like shooting fish in a barrel. . . or Fun Fur Dust Bunnies in any location, since they have no limbs with which to move themselves. . . (So very, very sad.)

* Please, please tell me I'm not the only one with a goodly amount of novelty yarn in her stash.  It's from back before I really knew how to crochet.  I didn't realize that regular, plain old yarn is so much more versatile-- and most of it was bought really cheaply on CLEARANCE.  So, you see, I didn't actually have any choice in the matter, but had to buy some of it.  (Did I mention I'm a bargain-hunter?)

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