Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"For Men Only"

Personally, I think these sweaters are fairly amusing.  With the green vest, it's mainly the way it's worn. . . and the neckline.  (A V-neck would be more masculine here, wouldn't it?)  Then there's the harvest gold cardigan with that silly-looking belt.  However, in this case, mocking the knits is only an afterthought. 

The name of this knitting pattern book-- For Men Only-- takes on a whole new meaning when you look at the posing of the models. . .

Is it just me or is Dude A looking at Dude B a little too interestedly for them to be casual acquaintances or best buds?

Maybe it's that "one hand on his hip and the other hand on his chin" pose. . .

"Hm," he seems to be thinking. . . "Hm. . . I never noticed before how perfectly Dude B's feathered hair feathers. . .  That is one fine-lookin' man!"

. . . Or maybe I've just been looking at knitwear too long and it's addled my brain. 

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