Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

Let me preface this post by saying that there are some lovely knit and crochet wedding gowns and accessories out there. (And there are even more with knit or crochet accents.)

However, there are also things like this:

(the dreaded Doily Hat)

Ok, I'll admit that the actual crochet on this dress isn't bad.  It's pretty, even.  But this dress suffers from too many design elements and too many different fabrics (in my humble opinion).  That awkward joint between the silk/satin and the crochet-- the row of pink flowers (???)-- and then all that pink gauze. . . Oh yeah, and that reminds me-- it's so pink.

Yes, knit and crochet wedding gowns can be tricky.  If you aren't careful, you might end up looking like a Barbie doll smothered in crochet lace. . .

Check out this "Blushing Bride":

Oh, she's not blushing.  She's flushed from the strain of dragging that ridiculous gown down the aisle.  (And yes, I fully recognize the fact that as a preteen, I probably would have loved the idea of a dress like that.  I mean, she's even wearing a crown!)

Of course, it's also possible to go too far in the other direction, as these wedding fashions of previous generations illustrate. . .

The Puritanical plainness. . . The kooky headgear (on the first two, at least). . . The holey (not to be mistaken for "holy") fabric. . .

It's enough to give any bride cold feet!

And then we have some more recent yarny offerings from the world of haute couture:

(You say "high fashion", I say "um, okay. . .")

(Alright.  I confess.  I kind of like that weird pink loopy frock a few photos up, but I can't imagine wearing it for a wedding gown.  It's more appropriate for a midnight masquerade or an upscale Halloween party.)

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  1. omg...too funny. The 2nd pink dress is horrendous...and the doll