Monday, March 29, 2010

Cuddly Cacti?

Ok, strictly speaking, this isn't "yarn yuck"-- or at least not in my estimation.  (This kind of thing will happen from time to time.  Please bear with me. . .)

Still, there is something funny about a crochet cactus, isn't there?  (Of course, in this case, the humor is intentional.  That's ok.  I take my humor where I can find it, intended or not.)

I mean, cacti are known for being sharp and prickly, yet here they are in yarn, all cuddly-soft and, frankly, adorable, with decorative beads and stitches in contrasting colors.

Though I do have a fondness for non-prickled succulents, these are the only cacti I can imagine ever having in my home.  (I'm kind of afraid of the sharp ones.  Ick.)

. . . Picture a larger crocheted cactus for that sunny corner of the kitchen. . . Or an elaborate one for a table centerpiece. . . Definitely a conversation-starter.  (Well, unless it creates an awkward silence as your dinner guests wonder whether or not to laugh.)

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